Bowling Pro Shop Manager $199.95 ------------------------ Point of Sale System $199.95

Point of Sale System integrated with Bowler Pro Shop Manager. Designed to work on small computers or tablets. Will work on any Windows version past XP. The bowler and point of sale Microsoft SQL databases reside remotely on the Godaddy server. Less space is taken on your computer or tablet because there is no local databass. These database are automatically backed up daily. If your local computer or your hard disk fails, simply repair or replace it and download another copy of Pro Shop Manager with the Update menu choice. At most, one days data will be lost.

Special offer, purchase Bowling Pro Shop Manager for $199.95 and the Point of Sale System and all future releases will be included for free. You can have a copy on your desktop and a copy on your tablet.

Bowling Pro Shop Manager

Keeps a record of your bowler's details and all drilling forms for bowling balls sold. Maintains bowler contact information and bowling details like ball weight and bowling style. Emails can be composed and sent through your Google gmail account to one or more bowlers. You can be proactive in your business by emailing special deals to your bowlers. Images can be attached to an email. Invoices can be emailed instead of printed.

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Point Of Sale

Invoicing, inventory management, daily, quarterly and yearly sales reports. Re-ordering is available through a vendor database table. Inventory items can be associated with a vendor. A physical inventory can be taken by first printing the pick list, counting and recording each item on the pick list form and finally re-entering the quantities with the reconcilliation form. A barcode reader can be used to create new inventory items and to create invoices. The barcode reader supported is the Ugang LS2600 with factory default settings, but almost any barcode reader should work.

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Download a free trial

The 21 day free trial has complete functionality, no limits on record addition or printing. When downloading the trial, you will be prompted to create test records. We recommend this as a good way to test the capabilities of the program. The test records can be deleted when needed.