Bowler Manager

Manage your bowlers and all bowling balls drilled for them.
Records can be created, edited and deleted. Multiple drilling form

records are maintained for each bowler. The bowler information

can be used in the point of sale invoice form.
Maintain bowler's drilling specifications for every ball drilled.
Shoot the bowling ball bar code with your barcode reader or enter

the item number and automatically post the ball description,

manufacturer and price from your database record.
Search your bowler list by last name or city. If an 'S' is entered
in the last name field, your bowler list will show just the last names

starting with 'S'. If a 'U' is entered next, the last names starting

with 'SU' will be shown. City searches work the same way.

The 'Name', 'City' or 'Date Entered column header can be clicked

to reorder by that field.
Get a list of bowlers who purchased a specific bowling ball.
Email to one or more bowlers on your list. You can have a
special price on a ball that might fit particular bowlers.